23rd Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference and 9th International Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry | June 11 - 13, 2019


The American Chemical Society is pleased to announce that the 23rd Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference and 9th International Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry will be held in Reston, Virginia on June 11-13, 2019.

Since 1996, the Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference (GC&E) has been hosted by the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Institute to convene those interested in innovative and sustainable chemistry and engineering.

The International Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry (GSC-9) brings the global green chemistry community together every other year by selecting a new location to convene. GSC-8 was held in Melbourne, Australia in 2017.

The ACS Green Chemistry Institute is pleased to bring these two events together for three days of technical sessions, exciting keynote speakers, networking events and workshops in the Washington DC metro region. Join us at this unique event!

A Life Cycle Thinking Approach

Life cycle thinking is an important underlying principle in the successful implementation of green chemistry and engineering across the chemistry enterprise. This approach allows chemists and engineers to think systemically about how the choices they make at one stage of the chemical life cycle (e.g. design) influence other stages (e.g. manufacturing or use) and the ultimate impacts chemicals have on society and the environment.

Using life cycle thinking, chemists are encouraged to ask:

  • Where do the elements used in this reaction come from? Can the synthetic routes and processes be successfully redesigned in order to eliminate the use of elements facing limits in supply?
  •  How will the choices scientists and engineers make impact different stages of a chemical’s life cycle?
  • How can we use waste or by-products as a resource to produce valuable chemicals?
  • How can we make more sustainable chemicals and materials that enable a circular economy?
  • How can we design products for recycling, reuse or remanufacture?
  • How can we infuse systems thinking and green chemistry and engineering throughout the chemistry curriculum?

In order to highlight the importance of this approach to chemistry and engineering and to facilitate critical discussions on these topics, the theme of each GC&E Conference focuses on one of the stages of the chemical life cycle; put simply: Design, Make, Use, and Closing the Loop (see graphic).

Green Chemistry Life Cycle Graphic

We started using this approach to Conference themes in 2016, beginning with Design, and the upcoming 2019 conference will complete our cycle with its focus on Closing the Loop. The 2020 conference will begin our second Conference theme cycle with Design once again being the theme.

While a wide variety of green chemistry and engineering topics are covered in the technical program each year, the thematic focus on the stages of the chemical life cycle is intended to challenge the green chemistry and engineering communities to move towards a systems thinking approach that will help create a more sustainable future.

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