21st Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference | June 13-15, 2017 | Reston, Virginia

Bridging the Gap: The Diverse Paths from Academic Discovery to Industrial Implementation for Innovations in Green Chemistry

Symposium Organizer: Paul Thornton, GreenCentre Canada

Academic innovations must be adopted by industry in order to make a real impact in sustainability. However, there are numerous and immense challenges in transferring new technologies from the benchtop to an industrial setting. For academics, the effort in navigating relationships with industrial partners and technology transfer offices, creating intellectual property, and work in scaling and “de-risking” the chemistry can often be prohibitive. Industry researchers are often averse to pursuing risky early-stage technologies and must even make convincing arguments for investing valuable development resources into the most promising of innovations. The route from academic invention to successful industrial adoption is further complicated by the challenge of finding the most viable application for a product or process in the vast and diverse chemical enterprise.

This symposium will highlight sustainable technologies that have originated from academic laboratories and are now at various stages of commercial deployment. The challenges and risks that were overcome in developing these innovations will be detailed both in terms of technical feasibility and market viability. This session is an opportunity to bring together different stakeholders in the commercialization process for an exchange of perspectives and strategies for bridging the development gap from benchtop to industrial application. Academic scientists and industry researchers, intellectual property experts and entrepreneurs are invited to share their challenges and successes in the effort to bring sustainable chemistry innovations to the marketplace.