The largest convergence of science, business, government, and students seeking sustainable alternatives through green chemistry and engineering comes together every year at the Green Chemistry & Engineering conference. With over 25 technical tracks over 3 days, leading experts in the field, and emerging innovations and strategies, GC&E is the perfect environment to get an inside perspective on issues such as:

  • How businesses are re-inventing everyday products like paper packaging and blue jeans to drastically cut water use, chemical input, and environmental impact
  • How green chemistry can address issues like fracking contamination head-on
  • Why universities across the country are rewriting basic chemistry curriculum through the lens of green chemistry
  • How the Pharmaceutical Industry ($640 billion), Chemical Manufacturing Industry ($750 billion in the U.S. alone), and other Fortune 500 companies are cutting costs through applying green chemistry principles to stay ahead of the curve
  • Making biodiesel with algae? How chemists are replacing petroleum with bio-based, renewable chemicals
  • And much more