21st Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference | June 13-15, 2017 | Reston, Virginia

Separations for Sustainable Manufacturing: The Road Ahead

Symposium Organizer: Robert Giraud, Principal Consultant, The Chemours Company

Making our way to a sustainable tomorrow requires us to rethink the way we make many of the products that modern society depends on. The production of over 95% of manufactured goods in our economy relies on chemical processes. In turn, the manufacture of chemicals and chemistry-enabled products depends on separation processes. The conventional methods to effect these molecular separations account for over 10% of energy use globally. But the existing technology infrastructure of the chemistry enterprise broadly favors incumbents like distillation and evaporation. Realizing the need for change and capitalizing on NIST AMTech funding, forward-thinking groups like the ACS GCI Chemical Manufacturers Roundtable and the Agenda 2020 Technology Alliance have led development of technology roadmaps to chart the road ahead for sustainable separations. Collaboratively developed by innovators from the chemical and allied industries, separation process technology suppliers, universities, and government, the resulting roadmaps identify and prioritize research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) projects needed for widespread industrial deployment of energy-efficient separation processes. These projects focus on putting the green chemistry principle on design for energy efficiency and the green engineering principle on design for separation into practice. Manufacturing-scale application of sustainable alternative separation (ALTSEP) processes is expected to build on a deeper understanding of the intrinsic molecular properties whose differences drive efficient and effective separations and on innovative techniques for process simulation and design.

This session will share the results of these roadmapping efforts with the green chemistry community and highlight innovative approaches to transform roadmap-identified needs into technology advances. Invited presenters will include the prominent academic and government researchers, the executive director of the Agenda 2020 Technology Alliance, and industry leaders in the development of the ALTSEP roadmap.