Green Chemistry & Engineering Student Workshop

NSF Scholarships Available – Apply NOW! Due May 30th!

The National Science Foundation is sponsoring a limited number of students to attend the Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference and Student Workshop. Applications must be completed by May 30th by 11:59 p.m. EDT !! Please use the application for the student workshop. There is no separate application for the Scholarship. Eligibility: All U.S. undergraduate and graduate students who apply for the workshop by May 30th will be eligible unless they have won a Breen, Ciba, or Hancock Award in 2014. Please email if you have any questions.

“Chemistry is the central and essential science necessary to deal with the very large questions of global sustainability.”
- International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)

With constant news like catalysis breakthroughs and multinational chemical firms transitioning from carbon-intensive petroleum to renewable feedstocks, it is clear that green chemistry is the central science to enable a more sustainable world. As conventional reagents and key elements become increasingly scarce and costly it is crucial that young scientists understand how to make their research greener. To help meet this need the ACS Green Chemistry Institute® is offering a full-day workshop where current graduate and undergraduate students can learn and practice how to evaluate the impact of chemicals and syntheses, and practice determining the greenest options. Most importantly, participating students have the opportunity to assess their own research with synthetic and analytical experts. At the end of the day, students will apply the ideas and tools learned in the workshop to their thesis, undergraduate lab, or even a class lab.

Dr. Marty Mulvihill, Executive Director of the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, will be leading the workshop with other expert instructors including Dr. David Constable (Director, ACS GCI), Dr. Marie Bourgeois (Professor, University of South Florida), and Dr. Douglas Raynie (Professor, South Dakota State University). Through brief lectures and engaging activities, the workshop will cover the following sessions:

      • Green chemistry metrics overview—what are the metrics that can help you assess your research?
      • Process Mass Intensity—a tool to track the efficiency and environmental footprint of processes.
      • Solvent Selection—what are the key considerations for choosing greener solvents?
      • Toxicity & Environmental Fate—how do structure/function relationships relate to chemical properties, biological activity, and environmental fate and effects?
      • Case studies on traditional vs. greener processes
      • Small group and one-on-one sessions with experts to evaluate your own research!

This workshop is generously supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation for student travel, lodging, and registration. There is limited space (75 students) and limited NSF Scholar slots, so make sure you apply today!

Apply for the Workshop

Join us to learn how to apply green chemistry and engineering principles in the lab today and create more sustainable solutions for tomorrow! Download the application below and submit by May 30th at 5:00 p.m. ET. (Eligible students: undergraduates, graduates, post docs)

Greening Your Research Workshop Application


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