Green Chemistry & Engineering Student Workshop

The 2014 GC&E Student Workshop will be held June 16, 2014 at the American Chemical Society headquarters in Washington, DC. This free workshop is open to undergraduate and graduate students and post-docs who are attending the GC&E Conference. The workshop agenda will be published soon.

Thanks to all our 2013 Participants!

  • Almost 90 undergraduates, graduates and post docs attended the student workshop
  • 87% of workshop attendees surveyed said they learn information about the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry that they hadn’t learnt in their university
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the student workshop.” –Attendee

  • 2013 NSF Scholars

    2013 NSF Scholars
    Photo by Arthur Lemmon
    ©2013 American Chemical Society

Keynote Speakers & Agenda
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