26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

3rd Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Product Innovation Showcase

Integrated into our popular GC&E Poster Session & Reception, the Showcase will feature companies who are using the design principles of green chemistry and engineering to create or contribute to innovative products. Participating companies will present a “hands-on” display of the product and describe the products greener technical innovations.

For your abstract to be considered for presentation the following must be included:
• Describe how the principles of green chemistry and green engineering were used in the creation of the product.
• Describe how the product improves the health, safety and/or environmental impact compared to existing products. Please include metrics, third-party testing, certification, and description of chemistry when possible.
• Describe the scientific or process innovations that went into this product.
• Include a picture or link to your product.

If you are a B2B, please give an example of an end consumer product.


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