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28th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference


About the Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Welcome to the ACS Green Chemistry Institute’s Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference where we are dedicated to advancing research, education, diversity, and innovation in the fields of green and sustainable chemistry and engineering. Our annual conference—the longest-running green chemistry conference in the world—is a testament to our commitment to catalyzing positive change for a sustainable future. We strive for a future where green and sustainable chemistry is integral to scientific endeavors, offering solutions that harmonize the well-being of humanity with the health of our planet. Therefore, each year, we unite scientists, educators, industry professionals, and advocates to explore the latest advancements, share best practices, inspire innovation, network, and build community. Our conference themes reflect our commitment to holistic and interconnected approaches in green chemistry and engineering.

GC&E 2024: AI-Enabled Green Chemistry

Our upcoming conference theme for 2024, is “AI-Enabled Green Chemistry.” The program will include innovative research and cross-cutting themes across the breadth of green and sustainable chemistry and engineering topics, with an emphasis on symposia that explore how artificial intelligence can enable green chemistry and engineering innovations that underpin solutions to global sustainability challenges.

Through interactive sessions, immersive workshops, enlightening panel discussions, and collaborative activities, we create a vibrant platform for knowledge exchange. Attendees will leave with not only a deep understanding of AI’s role in green chemistry but also a clear vision of how they can harness this intersection for a sustainable world.

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