26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Application of Chemicals, Novel Chemistries, Synthetic Pathways and Processes that Enable a Circular, More Sustainable Economy

Symposium Organizers: Samy Ponnusamy, Fellow & Global Manager – Green Chemistry, MilliporeSigma and Srinivasan Ambatipati, Assistant Professor & Co-Ordinator of Chemical Engineering, McNeese State University

This session highlights the processes that are inspired by novel design strategies leading to successful application of technologies to enable a circular-sustainable economy. Case studies should illustrate how industry/academia/NGO have successfully implemented the novel design in chemistries, synthetic pathways and processes. This would enable a circular, more sustainable economy and the strategies that ultimately worked out for its end use to achieve its targeted goals. The examples should clearly describe the design and approaches taken, the challenges faced and how a solution for the challenge was achieved. Also, highlight the importance of implementing sustainability as a basic design criterion to successfully achieve a closed-loop economy.

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