26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Bio-based and Renewable Chemicals Innovations

Organizer: Isamir Martinez, Ph.D., ACS

For about two decades, there have been significant efforts to develop new commercial processes to bio-based and renewable chemicals as platform molecules. These offer a rich source of novel molecules and can serve as alternative building blocks in the synthesis of raw materials and intermediates that are currently sourced through petrochemical supply chains. Consequently, bio-based and renewable chemicals offer the potential for more sustainable manufacturing systems that will advance the circular economy in a variety of industrial sectors.

This symposium will create a conversation about technologies that have been used to commercialize bio-based and renewable chemicals, how these technologies could be considered “more sustainable” than the existing ones, and what are the next steps to improve them.
• Alternative molecules to be used as building blocks/raw materials
o Implications of using oxygenated or highly functionalized molecules as are routinely found in nature as building blocks vs. the use of highly reduced molecules
• Feature examples of novel and innovative technologies that create value and enables greater sustainability performance.
o Which technologies are currently commercialized and what has contributed to their success in the market?
• Examples of how systems thinking has been used to enhance positive benefits that may be passed on to businesses and consumers.

bio-based, renewable

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