26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Leveraging Partnerships in Start-Ups and SMEs

Organizers: Paul D. Thornton; Laura M. Reyes, Career Development Leader, Chemical Institute of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Start-ups and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are critical for commercialization of green and sustainable chemistry technologies across the global chemical enterprise. Small businesses are well-suited to bring innovative chemistry solutions to the marketplace, but these companies must navigate the diverse technical and business challenges of commercialization with limited resources.

Entrepreneurs in green chemistry have identified that effective partnerships are often central to their company’s successes. Despite their importance, the types of partnerships and external resources that are available to start-ups may not always be obvious. Additionally, entrepreneurs must assess which partners and expertise will best complement their current position and development challenges, keeping in mind the overall vision for their start-up.

This symposium will highlight how diverse start-ups and SMEs based in green chemistry technologies have sought out and leveraged different partnerships to successfully address commercial and development challenges and advance their businesses. Topics may include navigating relationships with universities and non-profit agencies, developing partnerships that address critical technical or business needs, leveraging and protecting intellectual property, and discussing the role of multinational corporations in advancing early-stage companies.

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