26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Careers in Green Chemistry & Engineering

Organizers: Laura M. Reyes, PhD; Natalie O’Neil, PhD, Beyond Benign

This symposium is an informative session focused on the numerous, diverse and non-linear career paths available to students under the general umbrella of green chemistry and engineering. Simultaneously, this symposium aims to demonstrate the benefits that a background knowledge in green chemistry and engineering has in the eyes of an employer and the importance of marketing non-obvious skills to potential employers, e.g. expertise in systems thinking, safety, scale-up considerations, economics, collaborative approaches, science communication, etc. By assembling a series of career path examples from speakers, this symposium will directly address students’ ubiquitous question of what career options are available to them, and how they might go about pursuing them. Although students are the target audience for this symposium, all audiences would be welcome, this symposium could be similarly valuable to those further in their career paths who may find themselves unemployed or otherwise facing a change in employment. Anyone in established careers with a curiosity to learn about the career paths that their colleagues have pursued, or mentors to students seeking resources is also welcomed. To create an interactive environment, a panel discussion to address questions from the audience will follow the speaker presentations. This panel discussion will be open-ended to build on themes brought up in the career presentations.


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