26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Connecting Green Chemistry and Chemical Safety in the Chemistry Curriculum and Beyond

Organizers: Ralph Stuart, Keene State College and ACS Division of Chemical Health & Safety; Kendra Denlinger, Xavier

Both green chemistry and chemical safety have direct connections to the ACS’s core value of “professionalism, safety and ethics”. The symposium will explore how these connections can be engaged in academic coursework, in the research laboratory, and in industrial and engineering settings. Papers that define, compare, and contrast the practices of green chemistry and green engineering with chemical safety and then connect these to their social context and goals within the chemistry and engineering enterprise are welcome.

Innovations in Analytical Chemistry Applications to Enable Greener Process Design

Organizers: Christine M. Aurigemma, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer; Michael B. Hicks, Merk; William P. Farrell, Pfizer

The implementation of sustainable process analytical chemistry tools is a cornerstone in the development of robust chemical processes. The development and implementation of green and sustainable chemical processes for production of clinical candidates is already well-established as requirements for maximizing a pharmaceutical company’s overall environmental, safety, and cost benefits. Of equal importance are the various in-line and on-line applications used to support or solve problems related to pharmaceutical development and manufacturing at the plant scale. In response to industrial pressures to increase speed to market and the quality of new products, companies are steadily shifting towards early optimization through continuous improvement and innovative approaches to sample handling, sample transport, process efficiency, and safety concerns within medicinal chemistry, development and manufacturing. This includes the implementation of newer and greener process analytical tools and applications for optimizing process control while minimizing environmental impact. Modeling approaches, process analytical technologies, and spectroscopy advancements are examples of areas of potential impact. The goal of this session is to present innovative solutions for transforming process chemistry to more sustainable analytical and process chemistry synergy by initial design.

Biobased Chemicals: Beyond Drop-In Replacements (Invited Presenters Only)

Session Organizers: Nicole Fitzgerald, Technology Manager, Bioenergy Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy; Jeffrey Cafmeyer, Senior Research Scientist, Battelle

For biobased chemicals to successfully move beyond the drop-in replacement model, discovery and utilization of the inherent properties of biomass is necessary.  For the most effective implementation, a new understanding or expanded set of structure-property relationships representing these complex structures would be desirable to predict and tailor properties.  In practicality, however, discovery of a unique feature or slight property improvement may be all that is necessary to provide a compelling differentiation from an incumbent product. Researchers, both academic and industrial, wrestle with the challenges to identify these features and commercialize novel biobased chemicals. This symposium will focus on the challenge of identifying novel, biobased chemicals from multiple perspectives, including academic, national lab, and industrial researchers.

Why would a company want to participate?

✔ Unique opportunity to present at the largest green chemistry conference in the Americas
✔ Showcase the green chemistry and engineering innovations of your process or product
✔ Highlight health, safety and environmental improvements compared to the competition
✔ Flexible display includes poster, display table, and optional use multimedia display (tablet)
✔ Network with like-minded industry and academic scientists and leaders


What is the Product Showcase?

In keeping with the 2018 theme, “Product Innovation Using Greener Chemistries,” ACS GCI is inviting companies to participate in a Green Chemistry Product Innovation Showcase.

Integrated into our popular GC&E Poster Session & Reception, the showcase will feature companies who are using the design principles of green chemistry and engineering to create or contribute to innovative products.
Participating companies will present a poster describing the products greener technical innovations and will have a table in which they can display the end product.

Communicate Your Science & Engineering More Effectively: An interactive workshop

If your work in green chemistry and engineering is to have the impact that it should, you need to be able to communicate your ideas in clear, vivid terms to any audience.  To help you meet this goal, we are offering this communications workshop on each day of the conference.  You’ll learn tips for sorting through and communicating even the most complex concepts.  More importantly, you’ll have the chance to try out your message, refine it, and try again.  They will be highly interactive sessions that will leave you better equipped to tackle the full range of your communications challenges.

Participants per Session:

Each session will be capped at 15 people to ensure that all attendees have the chance to participate fully.

Register for a session:

Registrations for each session with be taken on a first come, first served basis until each session is full. Please indicate which session you wish to attend.  If more than one of the session times could work for you, please list them in order of your preference. Click here to register.

About the Instructor:

 James Rea is a communications coach who specializes in helping scientists, engineers, executives, policy experts and entrepreneurs communicate their work more clearly and effectively.  James coaches these people through his own firm, Experts/Clearly, and as a Workshop Instructor with the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science.  James comes to his coaching work with a deep history in, and an abiding respect for, the fields of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering.  His first position at the US EPA (1996) found him working under the leadership of Joe Breen.  After several years as a reporter and producer for National Public Radio (WAMU 88.5 FM), James stepped into communications roles with the ACS Green Chemistry Institute, and later with the Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering at Yale.  More about James and his coaching work can be found at www.expertsclearly.com

2012 Business Plan

“The Inaugural Green Chemistry and Engineering Business Plan Competition was a great success! With this competition, the ACS Green Chemistry® Institute has given the innovators in our field a valuable tool to help bring exciting new technologies to market. I look forward to learning more about the cutting-edge ideas that will be showcased in 2013.”
–Michael Lefenfeld, CEO, Signa Chemistry, and Chair of the 2012 GC&E Business Plan Competition

Read about the 2012 GC&E Business Plan Competition winners

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