26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Step 5

  • Multiple entries are possible for those Referrers who successfully refer multiple people.
  • Those registering as Referees can also refer their own networks, and thus can additionally become Referrer pool entrants as well (through the same process).

Step 4

  • One (1) lucky winner will be selected at random from each separate pool of entries.
  • There will be two (2) prize drawings (One (1) for the Referrers and one (1) for the Referees) for each registration period (at the end of Early Registration and the end of Regular Registration) for a total of four (4) prize drawings and four (4) lucky winners.

Step 3

  • Registrants are eligible to participate in the Referral Prize Sweepstakes upon the completion of ALL of the following: 1) The Referrer‘s full registration, 2a) The Referees‘ full registration, AND 2b) utilization of referrer‘s unique full name.
  • Referrers are entered into Referrer Prize Pool and Referees are entered into Referee Prize Pool.

Step 2

  • Recipients of Individual A’s information use the website to complete a Conference registration. These are known as Referees. To participate in the Referral Prize Sweepstakes process, Referees must enter the Referrer’s unique full name in the Referral Prize Sweepstakes designated field.

Step 1

  • Upon completion of a registration, Individual A will become eligible to refer their friends and colleague(s).
  • Individual A shares their name and information with their network and becomes a Referrer.
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