26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Wastes as Feedstocks is the New Reality

Organizers: Se Ryeon Lee, Research Group Leader; Chad Landis, Research Associate; Kristin Nuzzio, Senior Research Chemist, PPG, Allison Park, PA, USA

Converting an economy that is still largely linear (Take-Make-Dispose), to a circular economy where waste streams can be fed back into an industrial cycle will require new chemistries and innovative processes. The sources for recycling or repurposing can exist anywhere along the material lifecycle from industrial waste streams to post-consumer waste. Ideally, the recycling and repurposing could turn these waste streams into value streams for industry. The purpose of this session is to explore successful examples where waste streams have been repurposed as well as exploring potential new chemistries and innovative processes. We will also want to bring forward knowledge gaps in technical, business, and regulatory issues and how best to address them.

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