26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Chemistry in Water – Following Nature’s Lead (Invited Presenters Only)

Session Organizer: Wilfried Braje, Principal Scientist, AbbVie

This symposium features the development of new synthetic chemistry from both academic and industrial labs that document not only that waste creation can be minimized, but that by going green, “faster, better, cheaper” processes oftentimes can be anticipated.

Notwithstanding the extraordinary advances being made in synthetic organic chemistry and organometallic catalysis, in particular, the manner in which this discipline has been, and continues to be practiced is simply not sustainable. The enormous amounts of organic waste being generated, the investment of energy in the form of heating and cooling of reactions, and the consumption of endangered metal-catalysts at an ever-increasing rate have all become important considerations for a sustainable future. Fortunately, new technologies are starting to accrue suggesting that synthetic chemistry need no longer be done at the expense of the environment; that the same, useful processes can, in fact, be developed hand-in-hand with the principles of green chemistry.

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