27th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Chemo- and Biocatalytic Transformations in Water for Sustainable Industrial Processes

With more awareness of how chemical processes affect our environment, there has been a drive to develop new and sustainable technologies with mild reaction conditions, and exclusion of hazardous catalysts and reagents while still preserving high regio- and stereoselectivity. In recent years, chemistry in water has been an attractive medium for organic transformations, most notably in biocatalysis which has greatly enabled chemists to design and develop sustainable, and highly stereoselective processes with mild reaction conditions. Micellar catalysis greatly expands on the reaction types that are suitable for water, greatly reducing the need for hazardous and carbon-intensive organic solvents.

This session will survey recent efforts in both chemo- and biocatalytic transformations in water. Furthermore, chemoenzymatic cascades will be highlighted to further illustrate the impact these technologies can have when used in tandem.


Dr. Nnamdi Akporji, Merck
Dr. Brenden Derstine, Neurocrine
Dr. Dan Bailey, Takeda

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