26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Closing the Loop: Combining Process Analytical Technology and Flow Chemistry for Self-Optimizing Systems

Symposium Organizers: Nick Uhlig, Senior Scientist – Chemical Development, Sage Therapeutics; John M. Wasylyk, Associate Scientific Director, Bristol Meyers Squibb; Michael J. Di Maso, Senior Scientist, Process Research & Development, Merck & Co.; Mark T. Zell, Scientific Fellow, Takeda

Co-Sponsor: ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable

This session will focus on novel implementations of process analytical technology (PAT) with flow chemistry, and the application of such combination systems in chemical synthesis. Particular emphasis will be given to discussing applications involving automation, self-optimizing systems, and data-rich experimentation. The use of PAT in flow to enable self-optimizing systems and greater degrees of automation represents a powerful interface between computer science, engineering, and chemistry. Benefits of incorporating PAT into flow chemical processes include reduced offline or human-interface sampling, rapid and data-rich experimentation and optimization capabilities, and real-time monitoring and control of chemical processes at lab or production scale. These benefits have great potential to facilitate process intensification and greater efficiency in chemical processing via reductions in energy and material usage, smaller instrumentation footprints, improved process safety & control, and greater flexibility in scale. This session will feature a mix of invited and submitted abstracts from a diverse array of speakers of both industrial and academic backgrounds. The target audience includes anyone who has an interest in chemical engineering, flow chemistry, or computer science.

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