27th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

CO2 Recycling: From Laboratory to Pilot & Regional Scale

Recycling of carbon dioxide is a critical component to Closing the Loop. Several CO2 recycling technologies have been successfully demonstrated in laboratory space and could be broadly used to transition into CO2-based instead of petroleum-based manufacturing. However, the scale-up and industrial adoption of these novel approaches is challenging. To bridge this gap, this symposium seeks to connect diverse stakeholders interested in CO2 recycling: academia, large organizations leading regional decarbonization initiatives and innovators developing digital tools to accelerate the adoption of CO2 utilization in the industry.

The session will showcase examples of both novel, disruptive technologies, as well as more established approaches for CO2 utilization. The half-day symposium will be opened by invited & submitted contributions covering the experiences in addressing decarbonization scale-up challenges within lab, pilot-plant and regional scale projects. To leverage form these experiences, the session will be concluded by a workshop discussion, focusing on formulating a strategy for considering the scale-up challenges in the early-stage technology development. We foresee a highly engaging atmosphere, which will support the exchange of ideas between the audience and invited speakers, as well as facilitate further networking.


Prof. Magda Barecka, Northeastern

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