26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Data-Driven Insights and Collaboration for Further Adoption of Green and Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Practices

Symposium Organizers: Stephen DeVito, Branch Chief, Data Analysis and Dissemination Branch, Data Gathering and Analysis Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Charlie Snyder, Environmental Protection Specialist, Data Analysis and Dissemination Branch, Data Gathering and Analysis Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Many industries are implementing product design practices that minimize negative environmental, economic, and societal impacts during the production, use, and decommissioning of products. There remains, however, profound and unrealized opportunities at the local, regional, and national level to identify, develop, and adopt these practices. These opportunities to advance sustainable production and circular economy are intrinsically cross-disciplinary. This session is intended to bring together experts from government, academia, industry and nonprofit organizations who can provide insight on success stories, barriers impeding implementation, and resources and strategies to further green/sustainable chemistry and engineering practices, and sustainable design and production of products.

The organizers encourage submission of abstracts for oral presentation in any of the following areas:

  1. Examples of successful substitution in products or green chemistry implementation in sectors, particularly through the use of analytical tools or data-driven approaches;
  2. Chemical selection strategies or tools that consider a variety of sustainable design goals (e.g., sustainable plastics work) and non-technical drivers and barriers in designing from a value chain perspective;
  3. Engineering challenges and barriers to designing products for sustainability or implementing green chemistry in manufacturing;
  4. Sustainable production practices within disadvantaged communities;
  5. Methods to amplify outreach about the above.

The session will conclude with a panel discussion focused on strategies (e.g., communication/feedback mechanisms/analytical tools) developed or needed to overcome value chain barriers and strategies for ensuring sustainable practices at each production stage. Speakers will also provide recommendations for how to systematically translate knowledge from academia to business; how to expand shared knowledge base; and how best practices could be more widely incorporated globally.

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