26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Decision Science for Real-World Chemical Selection (Invited Presenters Only)

Session Organizers: Robert Giraud, Principle Consultant, The Chemours Company; Brett Howard, Director, American Chemistry Council; Tony Kingsbury, Founder and President, TKingsbury LLC

Users make chemical selection decisions every day. These users include research chemists choosing reagents and solvents for new syntheses, formulators making up new product mixtures, and consumers making purchasing decisions. What types of factors do they consider in selecting which chemicals to use? How do their needs and viewpoints affect their criteria for making these decisions? What techniques exist to help users achieve the best overall balance of outcomes? These are some of the key questions that need to be answered to translate the NRC’s Framework to Guide Selection of Chemical Alternatives into everyday chemical use decision-making. This symposium will focus on the application of decision science to making effective chemical use decisions. Learning outcomes include improved understanding by the green chemistry community about what’s achievable through the application of decision science to chemical selection.

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