26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Design of Next Generation Catalysis

Design of Homogeneous Catalysis- Oral
Thursday PM

Symposium Organizer: Adelina Voutchkova (George Washington University)

Homogeneous catalysis continues to have an integral role in the development of more sustainable chemical syntheses by pushing the envelope on development of new atom-economical alternatives to existing processes. The field is still faced with major fundamental and conceptual challenges, such as the rational design of catalysts for selective functionalization of C-H and C-C bonds, understanding the mechanisms of existing catalytic systems and the minimization of our reliance on precious metals and expensive ligands. This session will provide a forum for discussing the latest developments in experimental and theoretical catalyst design and mechanistic studies that inform the expansion of synthetic applications that meet the criteria of green chemistry. Emphasis will be placed on the use of more abundant metals in catalysis.

Design of Heterogeneous Catalysis- Oral
Thursday AM

Symposium Organizer: Adelina Voutchkova (George Washington University)

Heterogeneous catalysis plays a critical in our chemical industry. The potential for easy separation and reuse has attracted interest in developing heterogeneous catalysts for the fine chemical industry, but this fine chemical synthesis requires high selectivity. This session will focus on the development of new heterogeneous and supported catalysts that offer superior stability, selectivity and activity relative to existing systems, or facilitate a novel atom and energy-economical transformations. We shall discuss the latest developments in design and characterization of new heterogeneous catalysts, as well as insights into mechanisms and novel applications.  Special emphasis will be placed on the development of heterogeneous catalysts that offer enantioselectivity, avoid need for additives and/or solvents, as well as catalysts that can be applied for continuous flow processes. We hope this interdisciplinary session will bridge materials chemistry, synthetic chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as academia and the chemical industry.

Sustainable Strategies for Organic Synthesis Using Biocatalysis- Oral
Wednesday PM

Symposium Organizer: Animesh Goswami (Bristol-Myers Squibb); ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable

The goal of this session is to cover all aspects of sustainable strategies for organic synthesis using biocatalysis, e.g. identification of novel biocatalytic reactions, development of biocatalytic processes, industrial application of biocatalysis, and directed evolution of enzymes for extending and improving biocatalysis.

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