26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference


Green Chemistry Design foraA Rainbow of Colorants- Oral
Thursday PM

Symposium Organizer: Amelia Nestler (Northwest Green Chemistry); Lauren Heine (Northwest Green Chemistry); Saskia van Bergen (Washington State Department of Ecology)

Colorants represent a challenge to chemists to work on interdisciplinary teams, that include including biologists, physicists, academia, and industry to design alternative dyes and pigments that still meet the high standards of existing products while avoiding toxicity and hazardous byproducts across the life cycle. We will learn about the innovation needs by hearing about the technical challenges in maintaining dye and pigment properties while applying green chemistry and engineering principles that drive innovation.  The session will address design solutions for safer alternatives, engineering and process improvements, and innovations in pigments and design.

Green Chemistry In The Semiconductor And Electronics Supply Chain- Oral
Tuesday PM

Symposium Organizers:  Mike Kirschner (Design Chain Associates, LLC), Erin Gately (Green Electronics Council)

The electronics supply chain is one of the most complex in all of industry. Along with constant pressure for new technologies that are faster, cooler (thermally) and cheaper is the requirement to develop new chemical substances and process technologies to enable these outcomes. The development of basic – or replacement – technologies often takes five to ten years to move from concept to market. To further complicate matters the requirements for chemical and material purity, reliability and functionality exceed those of almost every other industry that produces high volume products. This session will demonstrate where and how green chemistry and engineering are making a difference across the supply chain, and what is driving the changes.

Challenges, Tools, & Innovation in the Apparel & Footwear Sector- Oral
Tuesday AM & PM

Symposium Organizer: John Frazier

The apparel and footwear industries are confronted with a number of challenges as they supply product to an expanding global population. Green chemistry and engineering innovation is increasingly seen as the way for industry to deliver high performance materials and product while simultaneously minimizing environmental impact. These sessions will highlight efforts and tools used by textile and polymer chemical suppliers, apparel manufacturers, footwear manufacturers, and brands to deliver on the demands for product performance while preserving constrained resources.

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