26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Educational Initiatives in Sustainable Polymers and Materials

Session Organizers: Jane E. Wissinger, Professor, University of Minnesota; Michael T. Wentzel, Assistant Professor, Augsburg University

This symposium seeks to demonstrate how educators are engaging students in the classroom and laboratories by sharing new innovations in sustainable materials. Society’s dependence on plastics and other resilient fossil-fuel based materials, as well as their potentially negative impact on human health and the environment, is a topic that resonates with students of all levels. We are seeking abstracts which illustrate the use of green methodologies to prepare products which are: derived from renewable feedstocks; designed for degradation; reprocessed and/or recycled; or inherently safer. Of special interest are curriculum materials which meet the 2015 Committee on Professional Training Guidelines requirements to include synthetic polymers, biological macromolecules, supramolecular aggregates, meso-or nanoscale materials and simultaneously include green chemistry and engineering principles. The session is open to K-12, undergraduate, and graduate instruction as well are outreach initiatives. A goal of the symposium will be for each presenter to provide a live or videotaped demonstration of their projects to share with the audience.

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