27th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Frontiers of Biocatalysis: Green Chemistry in Water

In recent years, biocatalysis has emerged as an exciting technology for green and sustainable synthesis with diverse applications in the pharmaceutical and commodity chemical industries. Capable of exerting unparalleled chemo-, regio-, and stereoselectivity, biocatalysts are powerful tools to access valuable compounds. Over the past few years, several exciting new directions have emerged, completely transforming the current perception and practice of biocatalysis and biotransformations.

This symposium will highlight the mining and engineering of synthetically useful enzymes and their applications in the pharmaceutical industries. In addition, it will cover the repurposing and evolution of natural enzymes to enable novel biotransformations that are not previously known in biology. Furthermore, it will introduce new strategies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate the discovery, engineering, and understanding of biocatalysts.


Prof. Yang Yang, University of California, Santa Barbara

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