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28th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable Past, Present and Future

Organizer: Juan Colberg, Pfizer

The year 2020 marks the fifteen anniversary of the creation of the Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable. With decades of innovation promoting solvent and waste reductions, safer chemistry, greener processes, cost savings, recognition and awards, this session aims to provide an update on recent contributions in these areas by members of Industry and academia. The session also will provide a forward look to the emerging technologies needed to address the increasing expectations from customers and regulators around the world on how best to deliver our APIs to our patients using processes that minimize or eliminate the environmental impact.

This symposium will create a conversation about emerging technologies needed to deliver our products under the current environmental regulations and customers’ expectations.
• New green chemistry tools and its application to the development of new drugs
• Feature examples of novel and innovative technologies that create value and enables greater sustainability performance.
• Examples of development and implementation of greener technologies by members of Pharma external supply chain; CROs/CMOs.