27th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Global Sustainability Connecting Nations Through Green Chemistry and Engineering

The steady growth of populations and their economies on a global scale, is the principal driving force and a major challenge for our society and modern productive sectors. Only the full consideration of the UN sustainable development goals (UN-SDGs), which represent our common blueprint for global sustainability efforts, will give all of us a stable future. The thoughtful planning and progress of new technologies, as well as their successful transfer into functioning businesses is absolutely crucial for a sustainable growth. The dissemination of essential knowledge, and the fair distribution of valuable resources, are a commitment we must take to share prosperity and equality all around the globe. Entrepreneurs with a global vision, academics with sustainable ideas of high impact, and business developers with experience in related sectors are all welcome to submit applications for this symposium. A special focus will be laid on technologies and businesses approaching real world problems through the conscious design of materials and products, and the intelligent exploitation of new and sustainable energy sources. Green chemistry and green engineering will play a key role in facing the countless global challenges and intricate burdens we have put on our planet en route to our current state of development. Since open global collaboration is the only way to success, we would like to especially invite representatives from emerging nations and members of communities commonly underrepresented in the chemical enterprise. The hybrid format of the symposium will allow for any potential candidate to present their work online or in-person.


Lars Ratjen, Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering at Yale
Karolina Mellor, Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering at Yale
Adelina Voutchkova-Kostal, American Chemical Society
Stephan Sicars, UNIDO – Division of Circular Economy and Environment Protection (CEP)

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