26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Metrics for the Closed-Loop Chemistry Enterprise

Organizer: David J. C. Constable, Science Director, ACS Green Chemistry Institute, Washington, DC, USA

One of the major goals of green and sustainable chemistry is to promote the sustainable use of chemicals, the design and development of more efficient and less risky ways of effecting chemical transformations (new chemistries) and new chemical synthetic processes, and safer products.

In order to design more sustainable chemistries and synthetic routes, systematic, multivariate, and regular assessments of green and sustainable chemistry performance should be established throughout the development cycle of a new chemical or product. To do this, key green and sustainable chemistry measures must be agreed and tools to facilitate chemical, chemistry and process assessment must be developed.

Life cycle environmental impacts should also be included as part of a continuing assessment of any product and the process used to make them. The inclusion of life cycle metrics is especially important for supply chain management in light of the growing trend to outsource manufacturing and the desire to ensure that sustainability impacts are not exported outside of the company. Systems thinking and life cycle thinking are critical departure points for metrics that enable the circular economy.

This symposium intends to highlight approaches to systemically and systematically measuring, comparing and evaluating products and processes using key green and sustainable chemistry and engineering metrics. It will also explore the opportunities and challenges encountered in implementing green and sustainable chemistry and engineering concepts within a research and development framework and in the context of a circular economy.

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