26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Chemical Technologies for Implementing the Circular Economy

Organizers: John C. Warner, President and Chief Technology Officer, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, Wilmington, MA, USA; Mats Linder, Project Manager, New Plastics Economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Isle of Wight, UK

Many companies and organizations are signaling their desire to adopt materials and processes consistent with the Circular Economy. Much attention is being placed on various societal processes to “close the loop” on materials. Unfortunately, the reality is that most materials and processes have been designed without a circular economy in mind, and simply cannot be fit into a “closed loop” model without significant green chemistry inventions. This session will explore various cutting-edge technologies that either (1) help bring exiting materials into a more closed loop or (2) provide new materials that are more consistent with the goals of the circular economy.

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