26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Green Chemistry International System of Systems

Organizers: Paul Anastas, PhD, Yale University; Karolina Mellor, PhD, Yale University.

The global system of green chemistry is an international network of networks. The reason that understanding this complex sstem is important is because it is at the intersections and interfaces of these various networks that the greatest chance for transformative innovation takes place. In our language and descriptions, we often try to simplify this universe into easily fragmented sectors (e.g., industry, government, academia, and NGO’s), or even bifurcate the world e.g., domestic/international, industrialized world/emerging nations, global corporation/start-up, research/education. While these categorizations make things seem simpler, they lose the richness of the capacity of the network and the fullness of the potential for bringing about positive change in the green chemistry world. It is precisely by understanding where multi-dimensional partnerships can be built, established infrastructure can be leveraged, and cultural threads aligned, that green chemistry has its highest opportunities to have its most important impact.


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