27th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Green Innovation for Cosmetic Industry

Over the past years, social and economic awareness has risen dramatically as to how industries impact the environment. Cosmetic and personal care manufacturers have the responsibility to transition to a sustainable portfolio and business model, as many of our consumers have articulated.

These ambitious, but undoubtedly necessary changes and transformations require a holistic sourcing evaluation. They should encompass quantifiable targets, spanning the fight for climate change, water sustainability, respecting biodiversity, preserving natural resources, and abandoning animal testing.

In recent years, green chemistry and synthetic biology have taken center stage in developing technologies that enable the conversion of renewable feedstocks to bio-based products. In particular, green catalysts, engineered enzymes, and whole microorganisms tailored to selectively produce biomolecules of interest have tremendously expanded the scope for sustainable manufacturing. The economic significance is further highlighted by the recent U.S. government commitment to foster and support biotechnologies. However, biomanufacturing still faces skepticism and hesitation, especially concerning commercial production capabilities. We recognize that one major obstacle to reaching commercial stages is the missing commitment from the market that such technologies will eventually be implemented in the personal care supply chain.

We envision this symposium to be a place of discussion and exchange to bring technology developers and end-users together. It should be clear that sustainability is a major driver for consumers and that all partners need to commit to working towards achieving this goal.


Dr. David Fabry, L’Oreal USA

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