27th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Green Technologies for Sustainable Access to Organic/Medicinal Targets

Development of green synthetic technologies to increase efficiency, minimize energy consumption, reduce toxicity and waste disposal are the major tasks for organic and medicinal chemistry. Success will be the result of a multidisciplinary approach which is able to deliver solutions in different areas. This Symposium will cover following topics:

  1. Use of safe, environmentally friendly, and renewable solvent systems for reactions and separations (e.g., solvents from biomass or waste, reactions in water, recoverable solvents, deep eutectic solvents, solvent-free conditions).
  2. Application of efficient, selective, and practical catalysis technologies (e.g., homogenous catalysts, heterogeneous/recoverable catalysts, photocatalysis, organocatalysis, electrocatalysis, enzyme catalysis).
  3. Development of synthetic methods utilizing reduced or alternative energies (e.g., flow reactor, microwave irradiation, mechanochemistry, photo reactions)
  4. Promotion of organic synthesis with high pot, atom, step economy (e.g., one-pot synthesis, multicomponent reactions, cascade reactions, reagents in situ).


Prof. Wei Zhang, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Prof. Luigi Vaccaro, University of Perugia, Italy

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ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable

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