27th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Harmonizing Sustainable Chemistry: Synthesis and Analysis

Individually, analytical chemistry and flow chemistry continue to push for greener and more sustainable approaches in the discovery, development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Challenges remain, however, across both areas in coupling the two so that scientists can truly leverage the green opportunities that having integrated real-time and in-line approaches to flow synthesis and analysis can bring. Engineering control for process monitoring and feedback is key in being able to solve these challenges, and only through collaborative, multi-disciplinary approaches is it envisaged that viable solutions are likely.

This session will aim to bring together synthetic and analytical chemists with engineers to share the challenges faced in miniaturization, sampling, speed, detection capability, process energy consumption, sensitivity and overall waste production when attempting to harmonize the two areas and provide the latest insights into how solutions to these challenges are being addressed.


Dr. Matthew Osborne, AstraZeneca
Dr. John Wasylyk, Bristol-Myers Squibb

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