Twenty-seventh Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Harnessing the Power of Biocatalysis to Access the Molecules of Life

Symposium Organizers: Mengbin Chen, Senior Scientist, Merck & Co.; Brenden Derstine, Chemical Development, Neurocrine Biosciences; Kevin Maloney, Director, Merck & Co.

Co-Sponsor: ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable

The pressing need to develop green and sustainable processes for pharmaceuticals and commodity chemicals requires unconventional approaches. Leveraging on their unparalleled chemo-, regio-, and stereoselectivity, biocatalysts are powerful tools to access pharmaceutically relevant molecules. The broad synthetic utility of enzymes is manifested in their capabilities to transform molecules of divergent sizes and structures, ranging from amino acids to proteins of tens of kilodaltons. These molecules can serve as building blocks for advanced Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) or trigger desired immune response. The session will cover how computational design and enzyme discovery accelerates the development of novel transformations. In addition, the session will highlight the emerging integration of biocatalysis with photocatalysis and electrocatalysis that capitalizes on the best of both worlds.

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