26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Implementation Strategies for Green Chemistry in products – What are the barriers, opportunities, and key elements for making sustainable consumer goods?

Organizer: John Frazier, Senior Technical Director, Hohenstein Institute America
Session Room: Atrium Ballroom

Why it is critical for green chemistry innovation to have champions?

Bringing greener chemistries to the market is not as simple as having a great idea and watching it take flight. Reality is that good ideas need to have a good plan as well.
During this session attendees will be asked to think thru how to bring a promising greener chemistry to market. How do we tell the story and how do we leverage the power of the brand, the manufacturing skill of suppliers, and the innovation potential of a chemical company? If we miss any one of those considerations, the road to market can be far longer than we anticipate.

Session attendees will leave better understanding how to negotiate the challenges a new greener chemistry might have coming to market.

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