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28th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Incorporating Sustainable Components into Existing Manufacturing Systems

Symposium Organizers: Chad Landis, Research Associate, PPG; Kristin Nuzzio, Group Leader, PPG, and; Se Ryeon Lee, Group Leader, PPG

This session aims to showcase the implementation and challenges of realizing sustainable components into existing industrial manufacturing systems. There is a strong pull from consumers as well as governments to implement sustainable materials and processes into manufacturing. This is not as simple as substituting sustainable raw materials or changing to more energy effective processes. Thorough understanding of risks in changing industrial processes need to be understood, including the use of sustainable raw materials on product specifications and potential disruptions due to changes in the supply chain. Also of interest is determining effects of sustainable raw material changes on life cycle analysis and any potential new or future regulatory risks.

Examples of implementing efficient and sustainable material sourcing and manufacturing in this session could demonstrate new material incorporation, cost-benefit analysis, and business cases for the implementation of the changes. Examples can also include risk assessments, supply chain robustness, consumer reception, and business cases for extracting value from improved processes. Presentations describing all or some aspects of implementing sustainability in the life cycle process are welcomed.