27th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Innovation and Diversity in Electrochemical Synthesis

Electrochemistry has recently undergone a renaissance in terms of its applications in organic synthetic transformations. From fundamental discoveries to high-throughput reactors, electrochemistry is transforming our understanding of what is synthetically possible. The symposium aims to illustrate use of electrochemical methodologies as complementary, alternative and greener avenues to traditional organic synthesis. The focus is on the new bond formation which will allow for discussion to take place around reusing and recycling chemicals to make new value-added compounds. This symposium will not be focused on the small molecule transformations such as water, hydrogen or oxygen, but rather on the larger organic compounds. Notably, the symposium aims to encourage EDI in the electrochemistry research and teaching, and highlight women or visible minorities in electrosynthesis.


Prof. Sanela Martic, Trent University

Nominal Sponsor

ACS Catalysis Division

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