Twenty-seventh Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Innovation: The Future for Analytical Sustainable Practices in the Pharmaceutical Products Lifecycle

Symposium Organizers: William Farrell, Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer Global R&D – La Jolla; John M. Wasylyk, Associate Scientific Director, Bristol Myers Squibb

Co-Sponsor: ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable

Analytical Chemistry remains a cornerstone for the drug product life cycle by providing quantitative and qualitative data essential to the drug substance and drug product pipeline. The provided data drives process knowledge and ultimately, process control and it remains critical that scientists consistently improve approaches via sustainable methods. This translates to a continual pursuit for better ways to deliver quality decision-making insight to our partnering teams through new and innovative approaches in capturing real-time data. Miniaturization, in-line and at-line tools that offer more controlled oversight of reaction chemistry while reducing waste, saving time and energy consumption.

To achieve these sustainability objectives, the adoption of new analytical tools, techniques, and more innovative approaches are required such as real-time analyses and process analytical technologies. Recent advances include miniaturized designs in the area of separation sciences and vibrational spectroscopy. These are intended to enable improved process control and understanding while reducing waste, time, and costly resources. This session will provide insights into the latest analytical chemistry approaches that enable the advancement of pharmaceutical products from early discovery through manufacture and will feature a mix of invited and submitted abstracts from a diverse array of speakers of both industrial and academic backgrounds.

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