26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Innovative Chemistry and Process Development for Sustainable Small Molecule Manufacturing (Invited Presenters Only)

Session Organizer: Kevin Maloney, Director, Process Chemistry, Merck

In the past two decades, Green Chemistry has challenged chemists to consider environmental impacts in developing synthetic methodologies and designing manufacturing processes. Despite these efforts, the pharmaceutical industry is among the largest waste producing sectors in all chemical industries, partly due to its typical requirements of multi-step synthesis and stringent regulatory quality standards. While efficient, concise, and convergent synthetic routes to complex molecules are essential for their sustainable production; of equal importance is the efficiency of individual processes that comprise each step along the synthetic route. Therefore, innovative chemistry and process development are instrumental in the design and development of green and sustainable small molecule manufacturing processes. This session will explore how innovative synthetic methodologies, prediction tools, high throughput experimentation, catalysis, solvent selection, recycling, and minimization of unit operations play a vital role in developing a green and sustainable process.

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