26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Green by Design: Medicinal Chemistry to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Organizers: Amy Dounay, Colorado College; Jozef Stec, Marshall B. Ketchum University 

Innovative green chemistry approaches have been applied toward all stages of drug discovery research, from the initial medicinal chemistry design to the discovery and manufacturing-scale production of new medicines. Many contemporary efforts in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals aim to be sustainable, environmentally responsible, and fiscally sound, which altogether result in an increased global access to essential medicines and it closely aligns with the WHO’s vision to live in a disease-free world. This symposium is aimed at providing diverse chemists across academe and industry with highly practical knowledge and accessible green chemistry tools to implement into drug discovery and development process at every level in every place. The central theme of this symposium will be showcasing recent developments and innovations in designing green approaches to synthetic medicinal chemistry and manufacturing processes to address current and future global challenges in drug discovery and development.


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