26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Metrics – Advances and Limitations in Determining the Greenness of Drug Manufacturing

Organizer: Frank Roschangar, Director, Boehringer Ingelheim
Session Room: Galleria South

While numerous green chemistry metrics have been applied to pharmaceutical drug substance manufacture, significant gaps still remain in this area. The widely varying complexity of pharmaceutical targets, coupled with fragmented application across the industry still represents a significant barrier to green chemistry. Furthermore, nearly all mass-based metrics completely overlook safety considerations, while LCA approaches are often too resource intensive to apply during early development, which is when the majority of choices are made that impact the drug’s long term environmental footprint.

This session will explore some of the key limitations of current green chemistry metrics and introduce some state-of-the-art concepts that are being used to begin to address these gaps. A number of tools and strategies have been developed by various companies and industrial consortia, which represent important steps in the right direction, but limitations still remain. The goal of this session is for the community to engage in a debate around the advantages and disadvantages of these new tools and strategies, and to produce new ideas and suggestions to continue to drive this area forward towards the ultimate goal of a unified and holistic set of green chemistry metrics for pharmaceutical manufacture.

Session attendees will leave with an understanding of the state-of-the-art in green chemistry metrics for pharmaceutical manufacture and a keen awareness of their limitations. They will be exposed to a number of new tools and strategies that they can take away from the meeting and apply to their own work, be it in pharma or other related industries.

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