26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Regenerative Design of Chemical Products and Materials for Consumer Goods

Organizers: Martin Wolf, Director, Sustainability & Authenticity, Seventh Generation, Inc., Burlington, VT, USA; Tom Burns, Staff Scientist, Novozymes North America, Inc., Franklinton, NC, USA

The current consumer goods market represents significant environmental impact. As environmental awareness has evolved, a continuum of sustainability practices has been proposed that goes from reduction of negative environmental impacts on one end, to environmental sustainability and environmental restoration, to system regeneration and the creation of truly positive environmental impacts on the other end. The basics of “Regenerative Design” are to develop systems and products that create “even better conditions to support the life-enhancing qualities of ecosystems.”

This symposium will consider ways using regenerative design principles and frameworks for reducing overall impacts and improving sustainability profiles of consumer goods and related products.

A particular focus of this symposium will be on systems and processes related to personal care and home care consumer products.

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