26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Volunteer at the 26th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference

Are you interested in volunteering at this year’s GC&E Conference?

  • A minimum of 4 hours of volunteer time per day is required.
  • In return for their time, conference volunteers will obtain access to the general conference proceedings for that particular day.
  • Conference volunteers are asked to be flexible (consider volunteering for multiple days and time blocks), prepared to fill multiple roles, and assist ACS GCI staff with special projects as needed. 
  • Volunteers must be US-based.
  • Volunteer travel and meal expenses will not be reimbursed.

    Volunteer Type & Responsibilities

    Registration Assistant

    • Welcome conference attendees
    • Assist with conference on-site registration and provide general conference information.
    • Distribute badges and conference materials.
    • Direct attendees to plenary, breakfast, and conference mobile app assistants.  

    Keynote Assistant

    • Welcome conference attendees in a pleasant and professional manner. Ensure all attendees have badges that reflect the current 2022 conference dates.  Note: Badges should be worn at all times for the duration of the conference.  If an attendee is not wearing a badge, they should be directed to the conference registration booth.  
    • Assist ACS GCI staff and/or keynote speaker as needed.
    • Assist attendees with seating as needed.  Encourage attendees to sit in the front and middle of the room.
    • Record the “maximum” number of attendees during the session and provide the final counts at the completion keynote address.

    Technical Session Assistant

    • Assist the session chair as needed (supply copies of documents, pens, paper, etc.).
    • Assist presenters with their presentations. Note: Presenters should arrive to the session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start.  During this time they will need to upload their presentation.  If a presenter appears to have technical difficulties, the volunteer will provide assistance with loading the presentation into the computer system or should obtain the assistant of an AV technician immediately.
    • Assist as needed with transitions between speakers (microphone, computer, etc.).
    • Record the “maximum” number of attendees during the session and provide the final counts at the completion of each session you are assigned to.  

    Poster Setup Assistant

    • Assist ACS GCI staff member with poster number set up.
    • Provide conference attendees with instructions on where they will place their poster.
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