26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Separations Innovation for Sustainable Products (Invited Presenters Only)

Session Organizers: Robert Giraud, Director, The Chemours Company; Vince Shen, Chemical Engineer, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Dave Sullivan, Senior Scientist, Kraton Chemical, LLC

Using greener chemistries requires greener chemical processes. At the heart of virtually every chemical process is a chemical separation. These separations account for over 40% of the energy consumption and over 50% of the capital investment of chemical processes because they almost exclusively rely on today’s energy-intensive approaches such as distillation. Emerging mass separating agent (MSA)-based approaches offer the ability to perform the same separations for a fraction of the energy consumed by distillation. However, despite offering significant improvement in environmental performance (especially carbon footprint), application of membranes and adsorbents for chemical separations faces a number of innovation challenges. Sustainable products depend on sustainable processes, and sustainable processes depend on sustainable separations. Simply put, product innovation using greener chemistries necessitates innovation in separations technology. Nowhere is there more true than in organic chemical separations from dilute aqueous solution required to produce the bio-based platform molecules of the future, chemicals production via organic reactions in water, and home and personal care products requiring impurity removal.

The session will concentrate on the main ALTSEP-identified R&D needs to drive discussion toward a deeper understanding across the range of relevant disciplines of the research required to meet these needs.

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