26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Solvent Selection to Enable Holistic Process Design

Symposium Organizer: Alan Steven, Senior Principal Scientist, CatSci

Co-Sponsor: ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable

Whilst the most sustainable solvent is the solvent that is not used, the use of a solvating medium is typically necessary as part of chemical processing. Savvy solvent choice offers the biggest opportunity to reduce the amount of waste generated by chemical processing and to contribute to Net Zero ambitions. Working backwards from the target attributes of a manufacturing process offers the opportunity to choose the solvent or solvents that work best in a holistic sense. The symposium will feature a mixture of submitted and invited talks to examine how solvent selection can empower holistic process design. For submitted talks, the organizers are particularly interested in:

  • Stories where the impact on the overall manufacturing profile of a product, rather than the performance in any one operation, influences the choice of solvent
  • Sharing data-rich approaches to selecting solvents
  • Raising awareness of the risks and opportunities associated with solvents with respect to equipment cleaning and solvent disposal
  • Highlighting where the use of solvent mixtures and engineering solutions can bring advantages.

We hope to attract contributions from pharmaceutical, agrochemical, flavors and fragrances, fine and specialty chemicals, metal processing, pigments and other industries. We also aim to schedule a panel discussion with thought leaders on the subject. Attendees will leave the session with an improved appreciation of opportunities to streamline solvent use across an entire manufacturing process without compromising product quality, tools that can help with solvent selection, and where challenges remain.

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