26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Successful International Green Chemistry Case Studies in Emerging Economies

Organizers: Karolina Mellor, Yale University; Paul Anastas, Yale University

Companies often face challenges in the research, development or production stages of new products. These challenges require creative solutions that are based on innovative science. But while these accomplishments have taken place largely in the industrialized nations, there are a number of businesses and organizations that have successfully implemented sustainable design all around the world. In order to empower a broad-based adoption of green chemistry practices, to build a more sustainable economy, and accelerate sustainable industrial development, changes must also happen in developing and transitioning countries.

This session is designed to highlight these practices and bring together successful green chemistry case studies from all around the globe. Speakers are invited to share a challenge and how it was resolved using principles of green chemistry given their country’s resources and needs. In addition to industrial case studies, academic examples of green chemistry application and experiences in implementing green chemistry in developing countries are welcome. The session further builds on the UNIDO Global Green Chemistry Initiative whose mission is to raise awareness of Green Chemistry and build capacity to reduce the generation and use of hazardous chemicals throughout the industrial life cycle in developing countries.


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