26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Supplanting Petroleum with Renewable Carbon

Session Organizer: Andrew Sutton, Team Leader – Chemical Energy Storage, Los Alamos National Laboratory

In attempts to “replace the whole barrel” and drastically reduce our petroleum dependency, it’s important to consider what a barrel of oil is used for. In the US, 76 % is used to make fuel and 16 % is used for chemicals, but with both markets having similar economic value a typical initial focus is the small volume, higher profit chemicals market. However, in order to have the most effect on environmental impacts (such as reducing CO¬2 emissions), the larger fuel market must not be neglected as a long-term focus. In order to develop technology that is truly sustainable, evaluation using both techno-economic analysis (TEA) and life-cycle analysis (LCA) are key to understanding the overall impact. This session will highlight new advances and technology involved in replacing petroleum with renewable carbon sources in the context of TEA and LCA.

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