Twenty-seventh Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Sustainable Metal Catalysis & Organocatalysis

Symposium Organizers: Feng Peng, Associate Prin. Scientist, Merck, and Juan C. Colberg, Senior Director, Pfizer

Co-Sponsor: ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable

Sustainability requires collective efforts from all of us on innovation in the face of declining natural resource. Correspondingly, the onus is on us chemists to invent sustainable ways to produce pharmaceuticals, polymers, and other consumables to minimize environmental footprint. Along these lines, sustainable catalysis, including organocatalysis and Earth-abundant metal catalysis, can access different mechanistic pathways to catalyze known transformations, or affect new ones. Understanding these mechanisms for catalyst design will not only enable the discovery of new reactions, but also advance the application of Earth-abundant metals/organocatalysis.

This symposium will bring together experts in academia, industry and government in the areas of:

  • Novel Earth-abundant metal catalysis/organocatalysis development for applications in pharmaceuticals, energy, and other industries
  • Mechanistic studies of earth-abundant metal chemistry/organocatalysis, including kinetics and spectroscopy
  • Industrial-scale production using Earth-abundant metal catalysis/organocatalysis
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