Twenty-seventh Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Sustainable Production of Biobased Polymers

Symposium Organizers: Lindsay Soh, Associate Professor, Lafayette College; Melissa Gordon, Assistant Professor, Lafayette College; Joseph Stanzione, Associate Professor, Rowan University

This symposium will highlight the contributions made towards fundamentally understanding, developing, and commercializing biobased polymers via sustainable production processes as well as identify challenges to overcome. Specifically, we invite submissions from individuals across academia, government and industry that address various challenges in this field by: (1) designing complex polymers and polymer composites from a combination of biobased monomers and other biomass constituents, (2) understanding the fundamental processing-structure-property-toxicity relationships of the chemicals, monomers, and resins utilized to produce biobased polymers and polymer composites, (3) applying the principles of green chemistry and engineering towards biobased polymer production as effectively and economically as possible and (4) conducting quantitative economic and life cycle assessments of biobased polymers and polymer composites. Presenters will be asked to participate in a panel to share their perspectives on the growth, challenges, and potential of the field at the conclusion of the session. Abstract submissions from individuals across varied sectors, backgrounds and career stages are encouraged.

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