Twenty-seventh Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

The Design and Understanding of New Energy Storage Devices

Symposium Organizers: Hua-Jun Shawn Fan, Professor & Dean, Sichuan University of Science and Engineering; Ying Lei, Assistant Professor, Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, and; Chun Zhao, Associate Professor, Chongqing University

The purpose of proposed symposium is to promote, fill the knowledge gap, and advance the current green chemistry research and development in the energy storage device. The emphasis to move away from the traditional coal-based production and toward cleaner forms of power generation has been a consensus among all nations. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the renewable power delivered is up to 25 percent in 2020. With more renewable energy being produced from solar, hydroelectricity, wind power, biomass, tidal power, and geothermal energy, researchers realized there are needs to develop capable storage technology not only to store of excessive electric energy produced, but also to smooth out energy surge and reduce power grid fluctuation. From the traditional lead acid batteries to all vanadium redox flow battery, their application is mainly in the application of emergency power supply, power plant, and electric cars.

The symposium welcomes talk and discussion to fill the knowledge and practice gap current green chemistry research and development in the energy storage device. From cobalt-free lithium-ion battery to sodium-ion battery, from the modeling to experiment design, from the materials to electrolytes, this symposium is intended to bring the computational modeling, experimental design, and manufacturer of energy storage together to provide current state of energy storage device.

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