26th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Towards Safer Design Strategies: Using Toxicology Tools and Concepts within Chemistry Courses and Programs

Session Organizers: Amy Cannon, Ph.D., Beyond Benign; Dalila Kovacs, Ph.D., Grand Valley State University; Pamela Spencer, Ph.D., Angus Chemical; Saskia van Bergen, Washington State Department of Ecology

Toxicology tools and concepts are essential in chemistry courses and programs to develop an understanding of toxicological principles and chemical safety that are traditionally absent from the chemistry curriculum. These concepts are also important in the design of chemical products and processes that have reduced health and environmental hazards. Toxicology can enable scientists to better predict hazards at the molecular level, therefore avoiding the use and generation of hazardous chemicals. Today, there is a movement towards teaching toxicology concepts to chemistry students and professionals in order to better prepare scientists with the skills to design products and processes with reduced hazards.

This symposium will feature: 1) professional toxicologists and chemists who actively use toxicology tools in their practical design of safer chemical products and processes, and 2) faculty members who have adopted toxicology concepts and practices within their chemistry courses and programs. Symposium speakers will provide short lectures on their area of expertise and demonstrate with tools they use in their daily practice, and share curriculum models.

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